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Out of Field OMS Teachers-2021-2022

Full Name


Out of Field Area

Lilani, Ritu

M/J English

Reading Endorsement

Mercado, Ariesa

Elementary English (Grade 6)

Reading Endorsement

Warren, Patrick

Inclusion ESE Math

ESOL Endorsements

Jones, Anglea

Art  / Explore M/J

Business Education (6-12)

Brown, Kailin

M/J English

English (5-9) and Reading Endorsement

Jarriel, Kelsea

Elementary English (6th Grade)

ESOL Endorsement

Alvarez, Eunice

M/J English

English (5-9), Reading & ESOL Endorsements

Boney, Evan

ESE Teacher-VE

Reading Endorsement

Pertuch, Kevin

ESE Inclusion Teacher

ESE Endorsement

Soriano, Andrei

ESE Inclusion Teacher

Reading Endorsement

Rickards, Jessica

M/J English

English (5-9), Reading & ESOL Endorsements







OOF Letters-Semester 1-2022-2023

Greetings, OMS Parents and Guardians!  Please be aware that semester one 20-day letters are going home with impacted students during the week of September 7th. These letters provide required federal notification related to any instructional staff who are not yet certified in their position, and that are actively working on certification requirements associated with their assigned roles. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact OMS and speak to Mr. Gregory G. Potter, Assistant Principal/Title I Coordinator. Thank you!