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Exerpts from Student Progression Plan

Grading Policy

Grades are to provide the student and/or the student’s parents with an evaluation that is as objective as possible of the student’s scholastic achievement. Unless otherwise indicated herein, student grades shall be based on the attainment of the instructional and performance objectives assigned the student. The degree to which the student has attained these objectives will be determined by performance on assessment measures (including, but not limited to, tests).

Teachers will enter a minimum of one grade per week per subject/class into the district-adopted gradebook unless granted an exemption by the principal. Teachers will enter grades in all available categories in the district-adopted gradebook system for each grading period. No one grade entry may count for more than 20% of the student’s grade for the grading period unless required by statute. Any changes in weighting within the Skyward Gradebook Grading System that occur after the first student school day of each school year will require School Board approval unless mandated by legislation.

Grades Six - Eight

The following scale shall be used for all students in all classes: G.P.A. Value**

A = 90 – 100% 4 = Outstanding Progress
B = 80 - 89 % 3 = Above Average Progress
C = 70 - 79 % 2 = Average Progress
D = 60 - 69 % 1 = Lowest Acceptable Progress
F = 0 - 59 % 0 = Failure I = 0%
I = Incomplete When averaging grades, calculation will be made to the nearest whole number (round X.5 and above to the next whole number. Example: 89.5% rounds to 90%)

**Grades for eighth grade courses which receive high school credit will be based upon GPA value for grades nine through twelve.

Late Work

Late work shall not be granted full credit. For assignments other than homework and practice class work, late work shall be accepted for one week from the due date and the student will receive no less than one-half of the earned credit for the assignment.


  • Excused Absence Students may make up work following excused absences and receive full credit.
  • Unexcused Absence Students may make up work following an unexcused absence and earn 75% of earned credit for the work.
  • Suspension
    • All students who are suspended from school may take unit tests, nine week or semester exams for full credit following the period of suspension.
    • Students who are suspended from school and complete and return the assignment packet assigned by the school administrator may complete assignments missed during the suspension for 75% credit. All make-up work should be completed within one week following return from absence. This deadline may be extended with the approval of the teacher or principal.
For a complete PDF of the Okeechobee County Student Progression Plan, please refer to the following link: